Hundred dollar bills and a model house laid on top of Form 1040 Schedule A

Lots of sites publish articles about tax deductions without full explanations or even fact-checking. Let me dispel some of these “tips” before you get screwed.

Hand holding keyring with car key and car keyfob in front of a blurred car.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. That old saying certainly applies when talking about switching auto insurance agencies.

Goldfish jumping out of small crowded bowl into larger empty bowl

Switching banks used to be as easy as opening up an account, depositing your money and closing the old account, but not so much anymore.

Man renting a home packing a moving box writing "books" in black marker

Rent vs. buy. Is renting a home better? Is home ownership? These are the factors you should consider when making that decision.

Close-up of credit cards to do a balance transfer

The 0% balance transfer is a popular tool in personal finance. It can be very beneficial but also carries a huge risk as well.